Freak the Mighty Text Connector

Record your text connections on this page. Text to text, text to world, text to self. You must be thorough in your connections, a minimum of 1 paragraph for each connection (5 sentences). Think of the 5 w's and how when you make your connection.

Dory's Text Connection
My text to self is when freak and mighty are watching the fire works.

When I went to Cole and Sawyers Birthday. We watched the fireworks at Wascana. The some of the fireworks were like flowers. Also they lite off a hole bunch of fire works at the end. You could see the sparks come down at the end.

Sawyer's Text Conection
When I found a purse and retuned it to our neighbor who it belonged to.

I found a purse lying on the side of the road on Mckee cres., luckily for them I reconized the purse and I picked it up and ran it to their house. Without a reward asked for my neighbor was very thankful.

Justin's text connection - Section 5 - Ch. 15-18
My text connection is text to self. The part of the story that everyone is eating supper on Christmas Eve.
It reminded me of when all of my dad's side of the family ate at my house in the Christmas break, just like
in the story. We didn't open presents, though.

Sawyer's Text to Self-- Section 5 -15-18
When Max got tied up.
I came home from school and Dory and Cole were waiting for me and they tied me up and put me in the closet and made wierd sounds.

Braxton's text connections

My text connection is to self. My connection is when my family and I were waiting for an hour for a bus in Disney World. When the bus finally came it felt like the bus had rescued us like Freak heroically saved Maxwell and Loretta from the crumbling basement and Maxwell's own father Kenneth Kane.

My text conection is to another book. Alhthough I can't remember what the books name a little boy that was about Kevins age died- it was verry sad. the boy was also verry smart.-madi

Sawyer's Text Connection
My text to self is when Freak died.
Well it wasn't exactly a person but she was still a friend.
when my pet hamster, Mufin died in it's cage and we made a funeral for her.

I found this part of the book really sad and can relate to how Gram felt about living in the house without Freak. We had a cat who was 17 yrs old that we had to put to sleep because he was really sick. The house seemed extremely empty the first couple of weeks after he had died. The way Mighty explains how he felt like "someone let the air out of me" is a perfect way to describe the loss of someone you care about. -Ms. Lindstrom